Dr Manu Shrimali’s

Quit Smoking 

Treatment Program

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Surest and Easiest way to Quit Smoking on the planet

*THREE SESSIONS OF 90 MIN DURATION EACH                                   *90 % SUCCESS RATE

Treatments Offered


Bioresonance is the most effective treatment for deaddiction. Based upon the principles of Quantum Physics the frequencies (resonations) are read by the machine, inverted and given back to the patient through the electrodes in contact with hands thereby “in effect” neutralizing the “Offending Agent” which may be Tobacco from Cigarettes, Chewing Tobacco, Alcohol or Drugs.

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Chakra Balancing

Balances energies in all of your seven Chakras (Crown, Third eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and the Root)  optimizing health, and energy levels. In addition “well being” kits, “phobia kits” and many more can be used to restore optimal health.

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Allergens (what you are allergic to) are identified and bioresonance is the only therapy that will remove these allergies – for example, if you come allergic to your dog, you don’t have to keep your distance from it, once the therapy is complete you may play with your dog once again (licking allowed). Similarly, food allergies, allergies to pollen, etc can be identified and removed.

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Bone Pains

Lower Back, Cervical, Tennis Elbow, Knee and shoulder pains can be treated.

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Much of depression is caused by toxins released by allergens, heavy metal toxicity. Once these are removed the left and right side of the brain can be balanced and restoration of mental health ensues.

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What is Bio – Resonance ?


Bio-Resonance Therapy was first pioneered in Germany. Brought to you here in New Delhi, India by myself (Dr. Manu Shrimali), a Nuclear Medicine Specialist. In Bio-Resonance therapy “Resonations” taken from your own body cure and heal yourself – hence I have named the clinic “Healthyself Praxis”.  Praxis is the German word for “Practice”. Hence the name Healthyself Praxis, started four years ago by me.

During therapy specific frequency patterns from a patient or from substances that harm or stress the organism are picked up and then sent to the BICOM device via input electrodes. Inside the device these frequency patterns are modulated, depending on the program selected by the therapist, and applied to the patient via output electrodes. Each particulate matter has a dual nature – the particulate nature of the matter itself and that of its frequency (Resonations). Cells communicate with each other using resonations to maintain the body in a state of optimal health. When these frequency (resonations) patterns are disturbed, disease manifests itself.

Why Bio – Resonance ?


Extremely Effective

Minimal and Manageable Cravings


No Medication

No Chemicals

No Radiations

No Side Effects

Completely Non Invasive

About Doctor Dr. Manu Shrimali

MBBS, DRM (Nuclear Medicine) & Bioresonance Practioner


Dr. Manu Shrimali is the only medical Doctor in India practicing Bioresonance Therapy.
His education includes post-graduation in Nuclear Medicine, he trains in Germany and other parts of the world twice a year to remain updated with the latest developments and protocols in the field of Bioresonance.
He set up the clinic for four years at his farmhouse ensuring a holistic treatment in verdant surroundings.