About Bio-Resonance

What is Bio-resonance ?


Bioresonance Therapy was invented in Germany fifty years ago. I, Dr Manu Shrimali am currently the only medical practitioner for the same in India. I am a qualified Allopath Nuclear Medicine Specialist who is now doing Bioresonance Therapy. I strongly believe that Bioresonance Therapy is the future of all Chronic Ailments.

Bioresonance is called so because this modality of treatment uses “Resonations” taken from the patient’s body (Bio), modulated and given back to the patient.

Disturbances in the way cells communicate with one another leads to disease or addictions. Bioresonance Therapy corrects these imbalances and restores health by removal of allergens and toxins. After toxin and allergy removal your body cures and heals itself. Inspired by this treatment that heals patients using their own resonances, my Clinic is thus called “healthyself praxis.” healthy is self-explanatory. “Practice” in German is called Praxis. Which is why Clinic is called “healthyself praxis“.

I have been imparted training in Germany as well as by German Practitioners who have visited my Clinic and stayed here for extended periods of time.

I receive regular updates by attending Seminars and Germany and other parts of the world twice a year. This gives me access to newly created protocols the use of which makes my treatments highly successful.

Description of the entire range of treatments exceeds the scope of this website, however some of the common ones are,

  1. De – addiction of any offending agent eg : Cigarettes, Chewing Tobacco, Alcohol, Drug addiction treatment. This is done by taking the addictive substance and inverting the frequencies which are then given back to the patient via gold plated electrodes which the patient holds in his hands – in effect because of the “phase cancellation” all urges are removed, and patient can leave the habit without any cravings.
  2. Allergies – With the bioresonance ampoules I can find out allergies (food, parasites, viruses, pollen) etc. Also a very important feature is that Bioresonance is the only modality which I remove these allergies and intolerance  there by restoring health.
  3. Depression
  4. Bone Pains – Specially those related to the spine (Cervical, Lumbar, Sciatica etc)


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 BICOM – Device and Accessories


Frequency Band : The Green curser in the photograph is the Frequency Band. Indicates the frequency range in which treatment is being given.

Hand, Ball and Cylindrical Electrodes : Pick up patients’ own frequency patterns; which are then modulated and given back to the patient via modulation mat. It is the output electrode placed on patients’ body. Treatment information fed into the modulation mat creates a magnetic field which penetrates deep inside the body.

Input Cup : Input Cup is the Jar with the Black Band. Depending on disorder will contain secretions / excretions ( blood, saliva ) or harmful substances such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs etc.

Honey Comb : Honey Comb is the yellow cup for filling with stabilizing substances

Out Put Cup : is the Red Cup. It Is filled with “Carrier” substances to extend treatment – Bicom Oil ( to rub in ) or Bicom minerals ( To consume orally ). It is imperative patient uses these as directed to ensure that the treatment works.

High Grade Metallic Chip is placed in Chip Charger to get charged ( not shown in the picture ). It absorbs therapy being given and patient sticks it on his / her body using a tape – to continue to receive therapy between treatments. Again its effect cannot be overstated.

EAP Meter : Illuminated display has colored fields that clearly mark conductance value ( General state of wellness of the patient, before and after treatment ) also Harmful substances ( Bacteria, viruses, allergens ) and medicines can be tested.