About De-Addiction Smoking

Your reaction might be either “Miraculous or JUST cannot WORK.” It is indeed MIRACULOUS and yes, it DOES WORK!


Why do people get addicted to begin with and why do they stay and addicted ?


Most people would have tried smoking or tried a drug for “fun”, wanting to appear “grown up” during a rebellious phase of their life, some attribute it to poor “family dynamics”, an overwhelming number will attribute it to “peer pressure”. Each “addictive substance” imprints its frequency upon all cells your body comprises of. In other words cells in your body have a “memory” of the addictive substance and each time you try stop ingesting it causing a decrease in blood level of that substance your body begins to “crave” that substance and you are forced to ingest it again. And this is why you remain addicted – fully aware of its harmful effects on your own self, your family and others who love and care for you. You just can’t help yourself. But now with Bioresonance therapy available at your doorstep there is no excuse. It is gentle, and yet very effective.


How is Bioresonance any different than other forms of treatment ?


Because it ELIMINATES CRAVINGS by removing the “cell memory”


How does the device work ?

It picks up frequencies from the “Offending Agent”, (Nicotine / Alcohol / Drugs) inverts its frequency pattern and gives it back (inverted waveform) to you via gold plated electrodes. In effect, this eliminates “cravings” and “withdrawal symptoms” so you can quit painlessly. It’s Physics: Simply Put: When a frequency’s waveform is superimposed upon itself by its inverted waveform, it results in a straight line. For purpose of illustration, lets the case of nicotine, the machine reads frequency of nicotine inverts it and gives the “inverted frequency pattern” back into your body – these in effect neutralizes nicotine in your body (very much like noise cancellation headphones neutralize ambient noise) and therefore all your body’s imprint of nicotine is removed, URGE to smoke is gone, and process of nicotine elimination begins.

With some variations, de – how to quit smoking cigarettes, addiction for drugs, alcohol, tea, and coffee will also follow similar treatment procedures.


Why the name HealthyselfPraxis ?

You are healing yourself using your own energy patterns – hence the name healthyself. Being a German technological marvel – it is befitting to use the German name Praxis  which means Practice in German.


Highlights of My Non-Smoking & Other De-Addiction Therapies :


  • Minimal and Easily Manageable Cravings
  • Painless
  • No side Effects
  • Completely Non Invasive
  • Extremely Effective
  • No Medication
  • No Chemicals
  • No Radiation

Any therapy can’t Get Any Better!