BICOM – Device and Accessories

Frequency Band: Indicates the frequency range in which treatment is being given.

Hand, Ball, and Cylindrical Electrodes: Pick up patients’ own frequency patterns; which are then modulated and given back to the patient via modulation mat it.The output electrode placed on the patients’ body. Treatment information fed into the modulation mat creates a magnetic field that penetrates deep inside the body.

Input Cup: Depending on disorder will contain secretions/excretions (blood, saliva) or harmful substances such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc.

Honey Comb: For filling with stabilizing substances.

OutPut Cup: This is filled with “Carrier” substances to extend treatment – Bicom Oil (to rub in) or Bicom minerals (To consume orally). It is imperative patient uses these as directed to ensure that the treatment works.

High-Grade Metallic Chip is placed here to get charged. It absorbs therapy being given and the patient sticks it on his / her body using a tape – to continue to receive therapy between treatments. Again its effect cannot be overstated.