How Bio-Resonance Works?

During Quit smoking therapy-specific frequency patterns from a patient or from substances that harm or stress the organism is picked up and then sent to the BICOM device via input electrodes. Inside the device, these frequency patterns are modulated, depending on the program selected by the therapist, and applied to the patient via output electrodes. Each particulate matter has a dual nature – that of matter that it comprises of and that of the frequency of that matter. Cells communicate in this manner to maintain the body in a healthy state. When these frequency patterns are disturbed, the disease manifests itself.

The BICOM  bio-resonance method works with a patient’s specific endogenous frequency patterns and with the specific frequency patterns of the substances that are stressing the patient and this means it is a highly customized therapy, tailored to the needs of each individual patient.

The BICOM Bioresonance method along with, for example, homeopathy, acupuncture, and other procedures, belongs to a particular form of regulatory medicine. Within complementary medicine, BICOM Bioresonance is recognized as an effective tried and tested method of treatment.