Why Stop Smoking?

Here are some reasons as to why

  1. This photograph shows only a few of the millions of toxins you inhale with each puff of Cigarette Smoke. You ingest poisons that were used in Gas Chambers, those used in Solvents, Lethal poisons such as Arsenic, Pesticides, and those found in exhaust fumes of vehicles among many more. Both Men and Women you cause great damage to your genetic makeup – effects of which are then passed on to your children. Is it fair to inflict them with the effects of toxins you chose to recreate yourself with?

2. Common Diseases you WILL get if you don’t STOP

  1. How can you possibly justify telling your children it’s okay for you to smoke, but not them? You have no MORAL sanction to do so unless you set an example yourself.
  2. Are you one of the millions who want to stop smoking but have been either putting it off or use it as a crutch telling yourself you need it because of your stressful lifestyle? don’t know the best way to stop smoking?
  3. Do you enjoy the activity so much that you don’t want to Quit? If so remember there was a time you did not smoke and were very happy, perhaps more than now.
  4. Do you have pangs of guilt when your children, parents or spouse beg you to stop?
  5. Do you really want to stop – but don’t have the will power to?
  6. Do you hate being an out caste – huddled away in some smokers’ zone secluded at airports, looked upon by passerby’s as some hapless animal, craving a puff of poison?
  7. Are you prepared to be a Mother who smoked and give birth to low IQ babies– with few survival skills?
  8. Do you suffer from Bronchial Diseases and get frequent chest infections? Do you wake up in the night because you can’t breathe?
  9. Is your Blood Pressure dangerously high and you are not able to control it?